Stacey King is a professional Brisbane-based editor who will polish your copy

Stand out in the crowd with more polished, professional writing


Like most people who end up as writers and editors, I’ve always been good with words.

But more than that, I’ve always been able to make words better.

And in today’s highly competitive online world where it seems everyone’s a writer, high-quality words have never been more important.

Typos and errors = broken trust.

High-quality words = cut through, connections and credibility, which ultimately means more profit.

Want more polish and profit? 

I’m Stacey King, a professional editor who has an eye for detail AND the bigger picture

As an experienced copywriter, content writer and communications specialist, I’ve written almost every type of content you can think of.

Now, I focus on making other people’s words stronger, more polished and more persuasive because I’m truly an editor at heart.

I have an eye for detail but I also see the bigger picture of you, your voice and your brand.

I like to take what you’ve written and sculpt it into the insightful and informative piece of content you originally imagined it would be, without losing any of its individual style.

Why work with me?

With more than seven years of dedicated editing experience, I’m part of an expert group of editors who’ve been accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Editors.

This means when it comes to editing, you know I’m the real deal.

By working with me, you’ll have access to a professional editor who’s got some serious cred and has worked with hundreds of people – from experienced writers to complete novices – to take their writing to the next level.

And you don’t need to be based in Brisbane to work with me. I help people around Australia and across the world write cleaner, clearer copy – and I can help you too.

Stacey King is a qualified Brisbane editor who has an eye for detail and the bigger picture

But what’s it really like working with me?

People call me a perfectionist, and I’m okay with that. Because when it comes to your reputation, it’s the little details that count.

With experience as both a copywriter and an editor, I focus on the big picture AND the nitty-gritty details. I’ll look at the structure and flow of your writing to ensure it’s clear and compelling, while also picking up typos, errors and inconsistencies that may be putting your reputation at risk.

I’m an excellent project manager. Whether it’s a simple copy edit or a complex editorial project, you can rest assured I always meet deadlines and deliver projects to the highest standard possible.

I respect that everyone has their own writing style. I’ll work with you to ensure your writing’s polished and professional, while still retaining the personality that makes you and your business unique.

Above all, I pride myself on providing a high-quality, supportive and stress-free service you can rely on.

Imagine what your business would be like if you could…

have a clear and consistent tone of voice each and every time, so your audience gets a genuine understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

boost your credibility and attract more clients with high-quality content that gives the best possible impression of your business.

have peace of mind that your words are free from embarrassing mistakes that could damage your reputation and the trust you’ve spent years building.

stop spending hours agonising over what you’ve written (and whether it’s good enough), because you’ve got an expert editor on hand to polish your words and make sure they’re perfect BEFORE you hit publish or send them to your client.

Working with Stacey has completely changed my business. I used to think I knew how to edit – then I worked with her. Stacey has amazing attention to detail, brilliant ideas to make things flow better, and just generally gets me and my writing style. I couldn’t ask for a better editor.”

Sophia Pallas

Copywriter, Astrologer and Launch Coach

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