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Stacey King provides copyediting and proofreading for businesses and digital marketers

Enjoy peace of mind with professional proofreading and editing


Even brilliant writers can’t edit their own work.

And if you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve discovered this for yourself.

But editing your words is important. Because when your writing’s more polished, more persuasive and more powerful, you’ll make stronger connections and build more credibility.

This will help you attract more clients AND convert them into paying customers.


I’ll help you lift your writing game

When it comes to writing content for your business,  everyone can benefit from a little feedback and support.

And while spellcheckers and online editing tools are useful, there’s nothing like having a REAL person review your words.

As an experienced editor and proofreader accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), I’ll not only make sure your writing is free from errors, but also that it’s clear, flows well, and will hit the mark with your readers.

Because the truth is, a spellchecker can’t pick these things up – and often you can’t either.

I’ll be looking for:


are there any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes?


does the piece flow logically?


is the tone right for your audience and your brand personality?


is the piece easy to read?


is there anything that’s confusing or could cause offence?


are there any potential copyright issues?


do your links work?


are your words optimised for Google (if they’re going online)?

Here’s how we can work together


One-Off Content Editing


Have some new content like a lead magnet, email sequence, series of blog posts or ebook that you want to perfect before you hit publish?

My One-Off Content Editing service will not only give you peace of mind that your content is free of typos and other mistakes, but also that it’s clear, engaging, and does the job it’s designed to do (that is, showcase your expertise and make people want to work with you!).

What you get: 

  • An initial assessment and quote
  • Structural and/or copy editing to improve the messaging, structure, flow, clarity, credibility, readability and inclusivity of your content
  • Suggestions to optimise your headings and subheadings for your readers and for Google
  • Tracked changes so you can review and approve all suggested edits
  • Professional proofreading to ensure consistent terminology, spelling and punctuation
  • A personalised content style guide that you and your team can use when creating future content

Monthly Editing Support


If you create regular content and want someone you can call on to edit and/or proofread several pieces throughout the month, this service is for you.

Imagine having an editor on your team who knows your writing style, who you’re writing for and what you want to achieve.

I’ll work with you to make sure your writing gives the best possible impression of your business.

What you get:

  • An initial assessment call to confirm your target audience, brand voice and monthly deliverables
  • Professional editing and proofreading support for your regular content, including emails, blog posts and batched social media posts
  • An editorial schedule and workflow in Asana so you can easily track all deliverables
  • A personalised content style guide that we’ll continue to build on over time

Starting from $250/month

Pssst: Are you a copywriter or digital agency looking for editing or proofreading support? Request my rate card here.

“I love working with Stacey because not only is she warm and professional, but she has a high level of attention to detail. Stacey also suggests tweaks or improvements to the copy, which is wonderful. She’s like having my very own copy wing-woman. I highly recommend her.”
Ali Edgar

Ali Edgar Copywriter

What I edit


Want to polish your lead magnet, email sequence, marketing materials or even your new biz book? I can help with that.

Whether you need an editor for a one-off job or ongoing editing and proofreading support, I’ve got you covered.


I’ll edit and/or proofread:


blog articles




website copy


articles for industry magazines and guest blogs




fact sheets






product descriptions


how-to guides




... and more


How much will it cost?

Each editing job is different and the cost depends on a few things, including how much editing is needed and the word count. If you need a specific piece of content edited, you can request a quote here. If you need ongoing support, my Monthly Editing Support packages start at $250/month. To find out more, book a call and we can chat about what you need and how I can help.

How long will it take?
The time it will take to edit your content depends on how much editing is needed and the word count. If you sign up for my Monthly Editing Support service, we’ll work out the schedule at the start so we both know who’s delivering what and when. For one-off projects, it’s best to contact me as early as possible, as I’m usually booked out a few weeks in advance.
What if I don’t like or agree with your edits?
All of my edits are tracked so you can accept or reject them as you please. You have complete control and all changes are ultimately up to you. We’ll usually go through at least two rounds of edits plus proofreading so you’re completely happy with the final version.
Do you edit fiction?
No. While I love reading fiction, I specialise in editing for businesses. I do however know some terrific fiction editors and can give you their details if you need.
Do you edit academic theses?
No. I have done in the past but now focus on editing for businesses. I do however know some highly experienced academic editors and can give you their details if you need.
Do you edit in Word or Google Docs?
Both! I can track changes and mark-up comments in Word, Google Docs and Adobe (PDFs), and know my way around InDesign and WordPress too. I work in whatever program suits you.
What style guide do you follow?

I love it when clients ask this question! I’ve worked with many different style guides over the years and can follow whatever guide you need me to. If your business doesn’t have a particular style guide, I generally follow the Australian Style Manual and Macquarie Dictionary (for Australian clients). I’m also guided by the general principles of clarity, consistency and common sense. 

If you sign up for my Monthly Editing Support service, I’ll create a personalised content style guide for you that we’ll continue to build on over time to ensure your content is consistent across all platforms.

Do you offer content writing services too?
I sure do! You can check out my content writing packages here. Or, if you’re not sure whether you need content writing or editing support, book a discovery call and let’s chat about which service suits you best.

Ready to add some polish to your copy?