5 ways to outsource content creation for your service business

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Is content marketing worth it?
For most businesses, creating content is an essential marketing activity.

But it’s also an activity that takes up a LOT of time.

From coming up with the ideas, to writing, recording, publishing and promoting your content, there are a surprising number of steps involved.

And if you’re doing it by yourself week after week, it can start to feel like you’re on a content creation hamster wheel you just can’t get off of!

So it’s no wonder that outsourcing content creation is something many business owners dream about.

But where do you start with outsourcing your content? Who do you hire, and what parts should you outsource first?

Well, outsourcing content creation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and there are a few things to consider when building your content dream team.

In this article, I’m going to share 5 different ways you can outsource content creation, plus my top tips on choosing the right solution for you.

1. Hire someone to upload/schedule it for you

One way (and often the first way) many businesses outsource their content is to hire someone like a virtual assistant to upload and/or schedule it for them.

For example, you can hire a VA to:

  • publish your blog in WordPress
  • set up and schedule your email in your email software
  • upload videos to YouTube
  • schedule social posts for your various channels

These are all great tasks to outsource because they tend to be quite repetitive, and hiring someone else to do them for you will save you a lot of valuable time, without breaking the bank.

Depending on their skill level, your VA might also be able to repurpose content for you – for example, take an existing blog or video and turn it into a series of social posts or emails.

No matter what tasks you decide to hand over, I recommend building in some sort of quality control process, so you still have oversight and can give the final tick of approval before your content goes live.

2. Hire someone to design it for you

I’m the first to admit that design isn’t my greatest strength.

As a writer and editor, I’m all about the words – but I also know that to get your ideal clients’ attention and build your brand, your content needs to look great too!

This is especially true for visual platforms like Instagram, but also applies to things like the graphics within your blog, your email headers, and basically anything visual associated with your brand.

Thankfully, software like Canva has made it much easier for people like you and me to create our own graphics, without needing specialist design skills.

But creating graphics still takes time – and if you’re a little design-challenged like me 😅, it can make good business sense to outsource this to someone who can create better-looking images and videos in way less time.

This doesn’t even need to be a designer – there are many VAs who offer design as part of their services.

But if you want to create a strong brand identity, it could be worth the investment to hire a designer to create a custom suite of templates that you or your VA can edit.

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3. Hire someone to write it for you

Writing is one of those things that people tend to either love or hate.

And if you don’t enjoy writing (or it takes you way too long), hiring a copywriter to write your content for you can be a great option.

As well as writing things like your website copy and sales pages, you can hire a copywriter to write your:

  • Lead magnet
  • Blog posts
  • Regular emails and email sequences
  • Social media posts
  • Guides, resources, course materials…

… basically anything that involves words!

You can also hire a writer to turn your core content like video or a podcast into a different format like a blog, so you can get more out of your content and give your audience different ways to consume it. 

A little word of warning though:

If you’re the face of your brand (as many service providers are), I recommend working with your writer so your content still reflects your knowledge and expertise (rather than asking them to research the topic themselves).

This is because your expertise is why people are coming to you, so it’s important your content reflects that.

It’s also important to understand your objectives and choose a writer who can deliver on those.

For example, if you want to increase traffic to your website and attract new leads, you might want to hire a writer who specialises in SEO.

Or, if nurturing your email list and converting them into buyers is the priority, then you’ll want to find a copywriter who can help you achieve higher open and click-through rates and write engaging emails that drive sales.


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 4. Hire someone to edit it for you


Hiring a writer isn’t the only way to get help with your written content though.

You can also hire an editor to optimise and polish it for you, which can be a more budget-friendly option than hiring someone to write it from scratch.

While you still need to write something, this does tend to save you time as you’ll find it much easier to bang out a first draft if you know your editor is waiting in the wings to polish it up.

This isn’t just about picking up typos, either. A professional editor will also be able to tell you if anything is unclear, which sentences are clunky (and how to fix them), and whether there’s any repetitive content that can be cut.

As well as helping you produce better quality content, having an editor on your team also stops you second-guessing yourself (which can sometimes lead to you not publishing your content at all!).

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5. Hire someone to manage it for you

At some point, you might decide to hand over the responsibility of managing your content completely and bring someone else in to manage it for you.

This is often when your business is growing or scaling, and you need someone else to drive the process so you can focus on other things.

You might (and should) still be involved in providing ideas and original content for your team to work with, but someone else oversees the process and makes sure everyone does what they need to do and that everything’s on track.

There are lots of ways you can do this, like hiring someone who oversees one aspect of your content (like a social media manager), or someone who manages the entire thing (like an online business manager or agency).

Whichever option you choose, it’s important to have a strategic content plan in place so you know your content is helping you achieve your business goals.


How to choose the right content outsourcing solution for you

There are many other service providers you can hire to help you with your content creation, including videographers, photographers and podcast producers (just to name a few).

How you outsource your content creation really depends on your priorities, your budget, what you personally enjoy vs don’t enjoy doing, and what tasks are currently taking up most of your time or stopping you from getting your content out there.

To help you work this out, I recommend mapping out your content workflow so you can see all the tasks that are involved in creating your content, and then identifying which tasks you need (and want) to outsource the most.

Remember, you can always start small and build your content team as you grow. There’s plenty of help out there, so don’t be afraid to go get it!


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